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21 they/he/xe dec. 13 ISTP-T 7w8
never-sleeping always-jamming manic pixel dream boy!!~
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hey, i'm LEO !!! welcome to my little curio cabinet on the web, chock full of uranium glass, arcade carpet scraps, mysterious glowing crystals and RGB light strips. i'm a cool fella from FLORIDA with a passion for bright colors, tropical vibes, shiny rocks and unabashedly being my weirdest self possible at all times !
i was born on the fateful day of DECEMBER 13, 2001, and that was when the world changed... for the better! i'm currently 21, and loving it!! i am AGENDER, queer, probably AUTISTIC, and definitely STRANGE.

my INTERESTS include collecting crystals, jewelry, enamel pins and stickers, acrylic painting, swimming & summer, tropical plants, pixel art & digital art in general, rainbows & sparkles, lisa frank, the windows 9X aesthetic... and more! there should be a window to the right listing every single thing i like... because, well, my interests also include listing things.

the eyeball guy with the horns is my persona, KYOMAKU MABUTA, a daem oculan from the planet of optometra. he, like myself, is agender. i made an entire world for him, but that would be a lot of text to add here!

NAME(S): Leo / Kyomaku
AGE: 21
BIRTHDAY: Dec. 13, 2001
PRONOUNS: he/they/xe
GENDER: Agender
SEXUALITY: lol! sex