Aug. 18, 2022:
Completely overhauled the homepage's look to be more accurate to the Windows 95/98 style, started working on my art gallery page (currently unavailable until I fill it out)

June 9, 2022:
Tweaked journal pages, added more directory links on the side for future pages

June 6, 2022:
Second journal entry added

June 4, 2022:
Tweaked the main page, added the Updates box, started and finished the Journal homepage, added the first journal entry, added the status.cafe box! Very productive :)

June 3, 2022:
Started the main page

June 1, 2022:
Finally decided to start :)

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they/he ☆ 20 ☆ agender

hi, my name's LEO and i'm your resident never-sleeping always-jamming manic pixel dream boy :)

i'm an avid fan of bright colors, loud music, flashy clothes and unabashedly being my weirdest self possible 😎

i am most likely autistic and/or have ADHD and am severely antisocial online. holding conversations over the internet is my worst enemy. sorry!

₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎∫ kitty cat

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