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Entry #0001 (06/04/2022) - Notepad
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DATE: June 4th, 2022
TIME: 2:49 PM
MOOD: ⛅ content!

so! a journal. that's cool. honestly i have nothing to really talk about most of the time, but i suppose it's fun to just collect my thoughts about my day.

overall today has been very mediocre, considering all i've done is just work on my page. at least it kills time! i think i'd like to add an about me section sometime soon...

i'm very excited to move to florida in the future. i might say that a lot in the upcoming entries. it really is all i'm looking forward to though. getting to leave kentucky permanently will be such a relief. it won't feel like i have a constant dark cloud looming over me. i'll finally get to be surrounded by people who care about me... in person! which will be lovely to have, like, permanently. i'm also extremely excited just to be with my boyfriend jam jam for like, ever too. since i love him a lot!

speaking of jam jam, i genuinely have never met someone so sweet. and i know he's going to read this. hi jam jam! anyway as i was saying. i've had quite the rough path with relationships, but i'm very very glad i finally found my soulmate. i know it's so sweet it's sickening but i'm being genuine here. give me a break!

i think that'll be all for today... hopefully!