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Entry #0002 (06/06/2022) - Notepad
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CONTENT WARNINGS:medication, blood
DATE: June 6th, 2022
TIME: 12:33 PM
MOOD: 🌙 drowsy...

i slept the entire day yesterday. i'm pretty sure the upped dosage of zoloft is causing it, but to be honest i'm just glad i can finally have no thoughts running through my mind at all times. the ptsd symptoms are still there, obviously, but they've been significantly lowered because of my anxiety being knocked out of me.

i've been thinking lately about how i've started coming into my own. i'm not as afraid to express myself anymore. i don't necessarily worry about being weird or stupid anymore either-- and i damn sure do not give a shit about what weirdos online say about me! which, let's be real, i had a huge issue with in the past. i'm glad i realized people who hate me are just a bunch of fucking losers. i genuinely can't understand why i worried about what they thought of me anymore. i mean, really, a bunch of kids that do nothing but circlejerk over a roblox game? come on. whatever. give me a break.

i'm probably going to sleep some more soon. the constant sleepiness reminds me of when i was constantly losing blood. really tired me out. oh well. i might make my about me section soonish, when i'm not feeling as drowsy. maybe also start making pages for my characters as well? that could be fun, i think. i definitely want to make one for my persona, kyomaku. just for funsies.

well, that's all i can really think of saying today. was more of just a rambling than anything!