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Entry #0005 (11/04/2022) - Notepad
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DATE: November 4th, 2022
TIME: 7:07 AM
MOOD: 😒 conflicted...

omg okay so. yesterday i finally got the huge hurdle of clearing out the storage shed with all of my old toys that got destroyed by heat and mice. picked out everything that i wanted to keep that was salvagable, which ended up being two decently sized totes full! and i got my expandiball. that thing is going with me to my grave.

next hurdle is getting my moms room cleared. well, not cleared, but getting all of the things out of there that i want or need to take with me. i still need to find my childhood blanket. i can't leave without it. i wish i knew where she put it.

next after that though is completely packing up everything, which honestly won't take long. i feel like the way that will get me to get it all done is to splay everything out on my bed and then organize from there into boxes. damn this moving shit is hard!!

part of me doesnt want to leave. part of me is screaming at myself to just stay home. but that's not an option. i'll just have to suck it up and get over it.

that's all for now.