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DATE: December 16th, 2022
TIME: 2:21 AM
MOOD: 😇 content!

feels good to be back in the saddle!!

a lot has happened recently. i moved all the way to florida, i took whompus to the vet (was very nervous about that!!), i'm finally in my own first apartment, i turned 21, i'm going to st. augustine this weekend!! so much to talk about this time...

moving all the way from kentucky to florida in 2 days was, like... i don't know... insane!!! riding around 750 miles in a uhaul passenger seat was something else. the world is so... big. like, seriously. i come from a very small town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere (think like only around 2,500 people) and had hardly ever left kentucky prior to meeting jam. seeing just how big the world is and how much i've been missing out on... it's a lot! and i plan on seeing MUCH more of it!!

i'm absolutely loving florida, though!! this place really is just fucking chock full of palm trees like it's nobody's business. i genuinely thought for a time that palm trees were like, just, something you'd see on tv and were only really closer to the equator. which is nuts, i know!! blame the kentucky brainrot. anyway, the weather is amazing for my skin, my apartment building has my favorite flower ever next to the walkway up to my apartment (pink hibiscus!!!), everything is just so GREEN!! even in WINTER!!! which is a godsend for my seasonal depression!!! i can't get enough of this place, like genuinely.

taking whompus to the vet was honestly my biggest concern about the entire move. he's 11, going on 12, and he hadn't been to the vet in a long time. i was afraid there was going to be some horrible news. but, uh, surprisingly enough, the blood and urine tests came back very clear! he's very healthy for a cat his age. even his hernia isn't anything to worry about. he took the rabies and distemper shots like a pro, but i did feel bad seeing him hurt for a few minutes. i'm just glad my buddy is okay. he's loving the apartment!!

speaking of the apartment, it's like a uhaul exploded in here. we went to ikea and got me a nice new desk, but the desks are honestly the only part of the place that's in order. earlier today (like an hour ago) i tried organizing the kitchen and pantry and such, and i think i did okay for a temporary configuration, but let's be real. it's not going to look this nice forever!!

i really hope we get a nice couch soon. the one i was looking at on amazon is genuinely so pretty, but it's like... we could get one similar for cheaper. it's just a nice baseline for the style i'm after. as much as i love jam, our styles do not match at ALL!!

my birthday was pretty mid. the rock shop i went to was pretty overpriced. like, more than usual at metaphysical shops. (i will not get into my opinions on believing in chakras and rock healing and whatever!! not today...) i'm very thankful that joey pitched in and got me a nice chunk of chalcopyrite though :D chalcopyrite is one of my favorites, up there with opal, labradorite and bismuth. the glass dragon i got is also very nice!!

i'm so mad about the pizza though. the papa john's pizza that i waited an hour and a half for on my freaking birthday. the papa john's pizza that i didn't even want anymore after it came. FUCK the pizza!!!!!

i'm excited for the st. augustine trip this weekend though!! will probably be a ton of fun... i HOPE...!!! there is a nice rock shop there that isn't metaphysical though. so it BETTER be good!!

okay there was like a ton of stuff to talk about this time. sorry for the lengthy entry!! wait no i'm not. this is MY webbed site BITCH. fuck you!!!!!!!! okay that's it :)