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Entry #0009 (12/23/2022) - Notepad
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DATE: December 23rd, 2022
TIME: 3:07 AM
MOOD: 🌈 happy!

not much to talk about this time, i just felt like updating on st. augustine! and maybe some christmas stuff...

st. augustine was alright! the wheelchair we rented was a bit rickety, but it went okay. also, if you didn't know, i kinda need a wheelchair sometimes because of the sheer pain in my joints. i know the "real solution" is losing weight, but that's a long-term solution. i can't lose 100 lbs in less than a week... >:T

i got a few goodies from there, like a nice piece of coral and some small paintings and such. jam chipped a piece of seashell off of the fort and took it back home with us!!! criminal!!! we also got to have the second best pizza in the entire united states... which is a big deal, because the united states eats a lot of pizza!! and it was definitely the best pizza i'd ever ate. i know why it's the second best in the entire country now!!!

i'm a bit nervous about christmas, but i'll get over it i guess. meeting new people is hard, and socializing with people who only know you by the wrong name and wrong pronouns and wrong like... entire identity, and don't understand it, is very stressful.

but i do have a miku figure in the mail set to be here after christmas. CHECK THIS OUT!!! (click the image to enlarge!!)

okay thats all :3