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DATE: February 13th, 2023
TIME: 11:26 PM
MOOD: 😇 content!

let me preface this by saying it has been a while since my last entry. i've been quite depressed as of late-- no idea why, either-- and also have just had no really interesting events happen lately. i've been trying to chip away at my website for a bit, honest! it's just the lack of motivation to do so is seriously overwhelming. besides that, though, i do have a few small things i can list off that i've done recently.

i finally got a bit of things hung up on my wall! five of my own paintings, one made by jam, and a whole collage of miscellaneous things taped to the wall in between the spaces. maybe someday i'll get to add some cute string lights...

i've gotten quite a few more specimens for my rock collection (another thing that i desperately need to make a page about...) such as more opal, some fossilized coral, some small chips of tanzanite, a beautiful piece of spectrolite labradorite that genuinely was a steal (6 dollars? for a piece that has a whole spectrum? you're kidding me) and... another opal! but wait, you say, you already listed opal. oh you are so very right! but also so very wrong. this opal is still in it's host rock, on the matrix, and it's genuinely so surprising to find an opal in the host rock for sale!! to me, anyway. i got it in tarpon springs. :)

speaking of tarpon springs, since i just remembered that literally just now... i went on a trip to tarpon springs for 2 days! wow! who would've guessed. i really wanted to go to the beach, but never got to. which sucked. oh well! but i did get to see some fun shops. i also got to go to the sponge docks-- which, if you didn't know... produce 90-95 percent of all sea sponges that are still harvested! it's the sponge capital of the world-- and also probably one of if not the biggest greek community in the united states. it's really cool, a fun atmosphere, and you can purchase your very own sea sponges, like, in every single shop there. i got a teeny tiny one!

that's probably all i can say, honestly. if i remember more, i'll make another entry! or i'll add to this one if it's about a topic i already went into depth here. like tarpon springs... but ya, that's all for now!!