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Entry #0013 (07/10/2023) - Notepad
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DATE: July 10th, 2023
TIME: 3:49 AM
MOOD: 😇 content, i guess?

i really do wish i had more motivation to completely redo my website. well, not redo, but make it actually mobile compatible or something, instead of the bandaid i slapped on. it works, but my perfectionism (and... well, probably OCD? given my genealogical history...) continues to nag at me. GRAHH. i really don't want to. it seems fine enough as it is... right? i've been thinking about making a second smaller website to keep me occupied... but all the "usernames" that i wanted to use for it are taken. and i'm NOT buying another URL!!

in other news, i was destined to head to florida to attend RDC-- or, for those who don't know what that stands for, the Roblox Developer Conference. and i said was because everything about the trip would be far too expensive, far too painful and far too stressful. i've never flown! i struggle walking long distances! i don't have my ID yet! grahh. i didn't even want to go for the conference itself anyway, honestly. the merch is nice, but genuinely, most people who get invited just use it as a way to meet up with friends they wouldn't normally meet in person. like, yknow... europeans...

nonetheless i've been feeling a little better lately. PTSD still addles me from having the best day, but i've at least been more capable of identifying why i'm feeling down. i think also the fact that my friends are getting a huge 3d printer is also perking me up a little bit... ouhhh... the projects i must do... finally, something to do...

i do apologize for not updating the site as often. i don't know why i'm apologizing, though, because like... i don't think many people read this! if anyone! but it's MY little diary and I GET TO WRITE THE WORDS.

anyway, i think that's enough for nnnnow? i may add more to this entry later, buuut let's be real, probably not. ok that's it! shoo!