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this is where i talk about things whenever i feel the urge! i'm too lazy to actually write in a real journal because it hurts my wrist over time, so i kinda figured since i type a lot, might as well just do it online.
i've been wanting to start a journal for a good few years now honestly, so this is the perfect solution!!


entries marked with a [!] will contain any of the following:

mentions of death, grief, cancer, illness, pedophilia/grooming (no contact; i am a victim), struggles with depression, self harm (compulsive skin picking), blood, gynecological issues, hospitals and/or medication.

specific topics will be listed at the top of each entry for easy avoidance.
Stream of Consciousness
02/15/2023 5:59 AM:
wow i completely forgot this existed. ok well i don't want to remember. just kidding. i might post on this more often. maybe! leave me alone, alright?
12/23/2022 3:17 AM:
me when i dont have money: ohhh i want this and that and also this and that. and this.

me when i do have money: idk what to get... :/
12/18/2022 4:28 PM:
AHHH the articulated fidget toy familiar on flight rising is SOOO cute!!!!!!!
12/16/2022 3:38 PM:
god i wish i had physical copies of private suite magazine. genuinely looks like something right up my alley, it's a shame that it's discontinued
12/16/2022 7:23 AM:
papa johns makes me feel like im dying every time i eat it
12/16/2022 6:16 AM:
ok why am i freezing when its literally 71 the grease in here -_-
12/16/2022 4:29 AM:
ouhh i'm so cold
12/16/2022 3:24 AM:
btw the pencil pixel on the journal homepage is actually my favorite kind of mechanical pencil :) i use it all the time for like, everything, from writing to drawing to whatever else you do with a pencil. they're bic xtra strong!!
12/16/2022 3:20 AM:
also i really need a new chair cushion argh
12/16/2022 3:14 AM:
wishing i as a human being didn't need to piss this much!!